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Dodger with Dodgebrick.

Dodgebrick came to my house as I was headed out of town and sat in the laundry room for a little while. By the time I brought it out, the Cardinals were winning the World Series and Dodgebrick wanted to stay around to cheet them on.

Now Dodgebrick is on its way to the southwest. It seeed only fitting that someone with a great sense of humor receive Dodgebrick in the spirit that it is given.

(I would never blog if I had to use WordPress all the time. I wrote a post and it disappeared. I wanted to load another picture and I can’t. Kudos to you brave souls who do the WordPress thing….)



As I’m sure you all know the USPS has been having trouble lately. So I thought of a game to play and help out. (a little) It’s called Dodgebrick and here’s how we’ll play.

  • First, I send out a brick via USPS. (Flatrate Priority= Genius) The brick has my name, location, and the date sent written on it.
  • Next, it’ll arrive wherever I send it in a timely fashion. (Hello, Postal Service :))
  • Then, the lucky recipient will come to this blog, click the link for instructions, sign the brick, and send it on!

It’s like a really heavy chain letter, plus I’ve always wanted to send someone a brick. 🙂

Since I’m starting, obviously, the brick is leaving Granite Falls,MN on October 11, 2011. Have fun!